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Sally our resident has been making (sewing) a surprise for her daughter for her wedding

Lovely Sally, one of our residents was a very talented seamstress. Sally and I have had some lovely chats about fashion and sewing through the years. She has made many wedding gowns. When we were chatting about her daughter’s upcoming wedding, she was talking about how at one time would have made her wedding dress but couldn't do it now. So, it made me start thinking what she could do to give her daughter as a gift, so we got the sewing machine out and with my help she made this wedding Journal. She said she never thought she'd use a sewing machine again, but she did it and the Smile it bought to her face was so lovely to see. Her daughter was so touched and over the moon with it. I was honoured to be part of it ❤

Carol, our Portobello place events assistant had this beautiful idea. Carol is a very artistic and crafty lady and she loves spend time on floor two working with our dementia residents.

Chartridge Lane, Chesham, HP5 2SH

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