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The latest news from Portobello Place May 2020

Residents and staff wanted to produce a video that showed the fun we’ve been having during these unprecedented times and we wanted to show the role of a care home is much more than just looking after people’s physical care. So please see the results for yourself and check out our Place to be Happy video on our Facebook page!

The residents loved making the video and the practise sessions that we had. It brought such laughter and pleasure to each day.

We had a grand premiere of the video before it went live and everyone who took part was presented with chocolates and a glass of champagne and enjoyed seeing themselves on the large cinema screen. Of course, this went out on social media, receiving a tremendous amount of likes, shares and well over 2500 views! It was sent to all family members and friends.

We love to keep busy here at Portobello Place and capture the fun on camera to share with you. Whether it’s sharing our gratitude and support for key workers each week or showing our appreciation in person: Ana and Leo really excelled themselves and made an amazing cake for NHS workers at Amersham Hospital. Beautiful isn’t it?

As we’ve seen in our videos posted on Facebook, we’ve embraced new technology to ensure our residents are entertained during the lockdown. Even when artist-in-residence George can’t be in residence he can still hold a class virtually.

And live interaction with musicians is also made possible thanks to the technology we use.

Chartridge Lane, Chesham, HP5 2SH

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